Freedom Fighters

In the midst of chaos and destructions of World War II in Tapaz, Capiz, Philippines, eleven Americans, instead of surrendering to the Japanese Imperial Army decided to hide in the jungles so they can help the local Filipinos devastated by the cruelties and evils of war. Risking their own safety, they became beacons of hope and bearers of healing. Their exemplary lives became powerful inspirations for all generations, across cultures around the globe!

Freedom Fighters highlights the inspiring real life stories of sacrificial love of the Americans, courageous loyalty of the Filipinos, and the hidden goodness of the Japanese. Guerilla Wife will dramatically show how hope triumphs over the evils of war, how honor overcomes betrayal, and how heroism knows no racial or political boundaries, ultimately uniting all peoples of the world!


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John Doe

“Absolutely fantastic.”

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