comments or feedback regarding the MDH X-ray Program, please email or call 651.201 . The registration fee is $35.00 per tube. RC 226-02. Mammography Facility License Application (DOC 67.5 KB) Open PDF file, 172.7 KB, for. Detailed information regarding shielding plan and evaluation requirements can be found 3.13of 216 in RICR- -40-20, Radiation. You will need your facility identification number or PI number on your invoice. X-ray Facilities/Practices Only: X-ray equipment registered in your office/practice; which is being used by another practice at this location. 410 IAC 5-6.1-119(a), Diagnostic X-ray Systems: Podiatric and veterinary x-ray facilities shall be evaluated at least once each twenty-four (24) months by a diagnostic imaging physicist or x-ray machine inspector approved by the department. Radiation Advisory Committee. A Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) must be designated on each application form. If necessary, the Division sends a deficiency letter to the applicant. The links below are to radiation machine preventive maintenance summary forms USED BY REGISTERED SERVICE PROVIDERS. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) has mailed postcards to dentists letting them know about a new annual x-ray facility registration fee that is due by April 30, 2016. Any changes to any information on the NOR or application must be submitted to NCRPS immediately. X-Ray Facility and Devices Registration This form must be submitted with the Business License Application. in just a few clicks following the instructions listed below: Select the document template you require in the library of legal forms. A registration covering more than one machine category shall be accompanied by the prescribed fee for the highest category. x-ray tube of $50.00 with no maximum fee amount, however, initial registration fees for a brand new facility are calculated based on the quarter that the x-ray equipment is received by the facility as reported to KDHE by the vendor and are prorated according to the table below. For mailed applications, Postal Money Order or Manager's Check shall be payable to the FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION (PMO Address: Alabang, Muntinlupa City . The Registration and Support Section within the Bureau of X-Ray Compliance is responsible for processing all requests for registration and associated fees for all facilities with x-ray equipment in New Jersey. This registration ensures that each x-ray tube and the facility in which it is used are registered with the State of Maryland. Please click on the links below to verify . Dental x-ray facilities shall be evaluated at least once each thirty-six (36) months by a diagnostic . Fax: 314-801-9195. Please see Public Health Rule 290-5-22 on X-rays to determine your applicability. In order to ensure that patients, personnel and the environment are protected, that operators are properly trained, and radiation equipment and facilities meet current protection standards, the . The X-ray Registration is valid indefinitely; it does not expire. Be aware that if you must register devices at a new facility . The following is a listing of all ADEQ Registrations and Permits : water_icon.png 1.01 to 1.12 General Permit (APP) | Coming Soon water_icon.png 2.01 GP (APP): Drywells Drain Areas with Hazardous Substances | Learn More > water_icon.png 2.02 GP (APP): Intermediate Stockpiles at Mining Sites | Learn More > water_icon.png 2.03 GP (APP): Hydrologic Tracer Studies | Learn More CDPH's mission is optimizing the health and well-being of the people in California. The head of a diagnostic x-ray facility who is the person-in-charge of the activities shall be a qualified physician as defined in DOH Administrative Order No. Authorization of Mammography Machines. Registration of X-Ray Equipment All X-ray machines must be registered with the Washington State Department of Revenue. There is a registration fee of $190.00 per x-ray device. Refer to section to 8 of AO 35 s. 1994 if no physician with For example, a teaching hospital in Group 3 could also have registration . Please ascertain your grouping and click on button to the right to get a list of radiation machine registration requirements for your facility. Radioactive materials unit. In addition, this Section is responsible for assessing annual registration renewal fees and scheduling all x-ray facility inspections. . Duly accomplished medical x-ray license application form (2 copies). An approved registration requires submission of a registration application, an approved shielding design, and an initial inspection. RSMPs. Interested Parties. Part 16 Fee Schedule. Upon receipt of the appropriate registration form and fees, the Certified Registration application is reviewed for completeness. You must register industrial X-ray devices to be used in Massachusetts facilities with the Radiation Control Program. On top of that, you also need to monitor your equipment's emitted radiation by subscribing to a personnel dose monitoring service like the OSL Dosimetry service offered by TV Rheinland. A change of address, owner, radiation safety officer or number of . Category Fee ($) Description . You will be able to apply for the licence/registration, as soon as the . Please contact the Department of Community Health at (404) 657-5400 for additional information on equipment registration and necessary operator training/licenses. To view your x-ray registration information or equipment inventory online, please use the Radiological Facilities Profile Lookup. April 19, 2016. The Bureau of Radiation Control, known as the Arizona Atomic Energy Commission until 1980, originated in 1964. Enhanced X-Ray Facility Lookup. The ODH X-ray Inspection Program is responsible for inspecting facilities that use x-ray equipment and businesses that install x-ray equipment in Ohio. Name and location of facility where x-ray was taken. X-Ray Facility Plan Review Instructions Other Registration Topics Handheld X-Ray Equipment - dental, XRF analyzers Temporary Use of X-Ray Equipment Qualified Experts List This program has the responsibility for the safe use of electronic radiation products in the work place. Hospital Facility. You are also required to notify DHEC any time you sell or get rid of a registered X-ray machine. The division is under contract with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to inspect all Mississippi mammography facilities annually.

Personnel Radiation Monitoring. RC 226-01. Business Information Form - Registration. Order X-Ray machine certification labels. Please contact the Department of Community Health at (404) 657-5400 for additional information on equipment registration and necessary operator training/licenses. The application package for this registration can be found at: . Non-Hospital - all industrial, government and medical facilities. A major responsibility is the registration and inspection of X-ray machine facilities, equipment, operators and radiation service providers. These authorizations assist in the regulatory oversight of professionals, facilities, and equipment. Please be aware that some facilities may have multiple registration requirements. Radiation proposed rulemakings and stakeholder processes. X-ray reciprocity. x-ray tube of $50.00 with no maximum fee amount, however, initial registration fees for a brand new facility are calculated based on the quarter that the x-ray equipment is received by the facility as reported to KDHE by the vendor and are prorated according to the table below. Please label and staple each separate Bureau of Radiation Control is responsible for the conduct of a statewide radiological health and safety program and for the enforcement of State rules and regulations for the control of ionizing and non . (FOR TRANSPORTABLE X-RAY FACILITIES ONLY) mA RANGE INITIAL 100 and below 101 up to 300 301 up to 500 501 up to 700 greater than 700 810.00 Schedule of Fees (per x-ray machine) Renewal of Expired LTO RENEWAL nd (Valid LTO) 1st Month 2 Month 3rd Month 4th Month 410.00 560.00 710.00 860.00 > 4 . If you have questions or haven't received your email invite to the system, please contact or 651-201-4545. Yes, I do allow another practice and their staff to use my X-ray equipment at this location. Georgia X Ray Surveys . IBM WebSphere Portal . Telephone: 314-801-0800. For More Information Contact the Office of Radiation Protection X-Ray Program at 800-299-9729.

Registration of Radiation Machines: X-ray machines and other ionizing-radiation-producing machines are required by Rule 37 to be registered with the Radiation Safety Section in the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. Section for Health Standards and Licensure Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services PO Box 570 Jefferson City, MO 65102-0570 Phone: 573-751-6083 Do not send payment at this time. . . Make sure you keep a copy of the original certificate on-site at the facility in which your equipment is registered. Once we review your form (s) and the Authorized Radiation Health Inspection Agency report (s), we'll determine if we can register your equipment. Use this form to register a machine or delete a machine from our registration list: License application fee (refer to the schedule of fees below). Annotated, and the Rules and Regulations for X-Ray, Chapter 290-5-22, users of radiation machines are required to be registered with the Department prior to the operation of X-ray equipment in Georgia. Office: Address: Phone: Fax: X-Ray Program: 4815 W. Markham, Slot 30 Little Rock, AR 72205: 501-661-2378: 501-280-4993 (link sends e-mail) , or call 608-267-4782.

Teletype (TTY) users may use the WA Relay Service by calling 711. You will need to use your x-ray facility registration number. It is the responsibility of the X-ray registrant (facility) to ensure that the equipment has been registered with NCRPS and that the information contained in the application for registration and Notice of Registration (NOR) is current. Please feel free to contact the X-ray Certification Unit with any questions at 303-692-3448 or Forms, applications and information to register, add, update or remove x-ray machines or x-ray facilities. Submit all of the requested boxes (they are yellowish). All facilities must register their diagnostic and therapeutic x-ray devices prior to use and biennially thereafter in the month of April in the even numbered years or when there is a change in number or location of the devices. X-ray Machine Program. Radiation Machine Operator Training. License application fee (refer to the schedule of fees below). The full description of the fee schedule for registering X-ray equipment is described in 16.41 of Part 16 of the State Sanitary Code. Registration by the owner or user of radiation equipment is required by law prior to use of a radiation machine. Reports of Assembly are to be submitted at least quarterly to X-ray Registration via e-mail or fax 614.644.8526. The first two numbers indicate the county in which your facility is located. 2. Renew Online We can help you. Georgia X-Ray Registration Before starting the application form, Please download and go through the Instructions from here: X-Ray Application Instructions Please review the requirements below prior to initiating the online application. Additionally, the rules require the Division be notified within 14 days of the acquisition, transfer or disposal of an x-ray system.